About the Artist


My name is Anna...

And here's a photo of me drinking beer. 

I'm an artist in the Twin Cities. Not all, but much of my art is reflective of my spiritual and personal growth and what comes with it.  With that, my beliefs are important to know to understand the spirit behind my paintings.  

I believe I am saved through Jesus' death and resurrection.  I am a body-- But more importantly, I am a spirit.  I am a sinner-- But more importantly, I am a sinner who is forgiven in past, present and future.  This is where joy and peace is.  But that doesn't mean life isn't weird and a struggle sometimes!

So why do I share here, "publicly," if my art feels so personal and almost private to me?  Sharing on this site feels like a way for me to potentially offer new perspective or understanding for the viewer.  I'm not usually an open book with strangers but if it could be at all helpful for someone, I will be.  These are simply my personal experiences and expressions.  

Thanks for visiting. 



Note:  If you feel connected to any piece, I would love for you to have it in your home.  Prices are listed individually in the Gallery and you can email me for purchasing.


Anna L. Krech
Minneapolis, MN

E. annalkrech@gmail.com